Victoria Todorov, Untitled, tongue rings, stretch cotton, plywood. Courtesy of the Artist.

Currently closed for installation


27 June 2020—18 July 2020

Daffy Scanlan, Jah Maskell, Jordan Barse, Jordan Halsall, Kate Meakin, Spencer Lai, Travis MacDonald & Victoria Todorov

Freedom is the gentle exploration of boundaries. I wear jeans, t-shirt, fragrance.


25 July 2020—8 August 2020

Bronte Stolz


15 August 2020—29 August 2020

Lucy Zaroyko

Forgotten Pond


26 September 2020—10 October 2020

Julia Trybala

Jordan Halsall, Job Simulator, 2019. extruded polystyrene, masa harina, whey protein isolate, calcium, potassium citrate, choline bitartrate, synthetic polymer. Courtesy of the Artist