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23 January 2021—20 February 2021

How do you wish for a lifetime of happiness?

Augusta Vinall Richardson

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Augusta Vinall Richardson

23 JAN - 20 FEB 2021

Opening Drinks 3-6pm SAT 23 JAN

Wedded together like the weeds in my backyard. Joined by circumstance. There are a group of objects that fall into this shape intuitively, by accident.

Made up of six sides, a box is created from groups of two meeting one another. Three groups of two sides. Merging along their four edges to join. Or in some cases cut and assembled from one entire piece of material. A numbers game, their upright position brings to mind forward motion, direction, certainty. Their meaning can be unpacked using quantitative measurements and means.

This box that parades its value has a goal to contain, to limit. Defining items, objects, and the space between them.

A triangular shape slips and slides between two spaces, flexing and exposing all its wonder. 5 sides. Successfully held up by its own account, an irregular number still performs symmetry of some kind.

The shapes bend and flex to the whim of my machine. Hand clasped and engaged in action, the flapper disc etches the surface of the shapes with fine lines, criss-crossed. A change in direction. The stroke of a pen, the slip of the wrist becomes the touch of the hand. Buffing and polishing with intent, it becomes clear to me, the shapes bloom all on their own accord, into the final form, they are eager and glossy just to be.