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1 May 2021—1 May 2021

Dégustation DISCORDIA (2) Spud Love

Long Prawn + Tully Moore

Long Prawn., Tully Moore and DISCORDIA gallery will be providing a meal for your consideration.

Saturday 1st May 2021
at 6:00pm.

After years of steady decline, the 10-pound sack of potatoes found its favour again during the pandemic. Globally the lights were on in the kitchen again and potatoes were on the menu. Yet when the lights went off, little is known about what these freaky little rhizomes got up to in the sack.
Dégustation DISCORDIA (2) Spud Love celebrates the art and subjects of Tully Moore’s most recent show. A dinner event of fornicating starches, elevated depression foods and pandemic style drinking.


Multiple shared plates of fine food, generous wine quotas and pithy entertainment. Amendments to the menu cannot be made on the day so please share any dietary negotiations well prior.

Cathedral Arcade + DISCORDIA Gallery
L.3 Room 23 Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston St, Melb.