Currently closed for installation

21 October 2020—4 November 2020

Cry Baby

Julia Trybala

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Where does all my warmth go when it leaves my body

Claire Summers

sitting naked in front of my heater, i let my legs go pink
to run my fingers over fleshy fault lines of heat
my phone autocorrects ‘noodles’ to ‘bodylessness’
so i adjust myself accordingly

i think of myself as a sea sponge, pointless and absorbent
wring my neck to make me lighter, make me less
unmake my memory of you and i’ll match you in kind
i’ve never been good at lying but baby i’ll pretend

i’m collecting debris from domestic curbside gardens
in nowhere places full of nowhere people
half of the sky moves from blue to blush
while the other half wastes my time

if you look at rainclouds
and i look at puddles
are we looking
at the same thing?