Currently closed for installation

12 December 2020—13 January 2021

Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring

Lucy Zaroyko

exhibition catalogue


This river has sand, so it’s my beach for now
Black water surges

Forcing pebbles and charcoal between my toes
Standing against a cooling force like a small Boccioni sculpture
Unique Forms of Continuity in Space
A beautiful and cruel weight sets in
I’m wearing my heavy boots again

Where do the eyes go when we don’t read signs?
A bare landscape is bathed in light
Drifting at 140kms nobody can see me here
But the pines that reach for torn hem of the sky
The road bends inside itself

Soft blue darkness comes
The vines frame the Gillamatong like wrought iron
And I can hear the caterpillars turning into pretty little moths
“ I’ll light the fire, and you place the flowers in the vase”
I’m blindly dreaming till the morning

There is a series of new holes in the yard
The holes in the land are long established here
Driving through pitted surfaces in hillsides
Lumpy bodies blanketed in soft green grass
Like burial clothing
Traces of a lawless state on Yuin Country

The air is raining in the bottom of the valley
A forgotten forest and a stone fruit orchard merge together
In a net of crossing shades you wait for me while I wait for you

The garden isn’t mine, but I like to think I’m part of it
Calendula petals, water and sap hang in the air
Suspended inside a spider’s web like a diamond necklace

The most beaten paths lead to the cemetery and the water
Driving through Currowan to the coast
I cannot decipher what I am seeing
This is a collective nightmare, a new error code
The sun is shining because it is still on fire