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6 December 2020—6 December 2020

The Subtenants Lunch

Long Prawn + Nick Modrzewski

Discordia invites you to the Subtenants Lunch presented by Nick Modrzewski and Long Prawn.

Sunday 6th December 2020
at 1:00pm

A famous Landlord once said, “she who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, abides by me and I her”.

Long Prawn Pty Ltd will be providing a freehold meal for your consideration. As you eat among prized office chattels, comprehensive paperwork and water bubbler wine, consider what it is to be a Landlord and what remains after everyone has helped themselves. Are you the Landlord’s lunch? For the sake of due diligence, this meal will provide fine natural wines, unshackled chef food, high-market vegetable produce and a communal yet fleeting lunch subtenancy.


Contractual terms:
Multiple shared plates of fine food, generous wine quotas and pithy entertainment. Amendments to the menu cannot be made on the day so please share any dietary negotiations well prior.

Cathedral Arcade + DISCORDIA Gallery,
L.3 Room 23 Nicholas Building,
37 Swanston St, Melb.

Strictly limited tickets
$150 ($130 dinner + $20 gallery donation)

Limited tickets