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Victoria Todorov


The bipolarity of output AUX 2021

Freedom is the gentle exploration of boundaries. I wear jeans, t-shirt, fragrance. 2020
A Group Show curated by Spencer Lai


b. 1992, Melbourne
Lives and works in Melbourne.

Victoria Todorov is an interdisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her work includes installation, video, sculpture and painting and draws influence from communities online and her position between these and the art world. Often working with non-traditional, garish palettes, Todorov builds textural surfaces that combine found text, collage and figural elements that reflect the constant influx of images and things as infotainment. With comedic undertones, Todorov tests the cyborgian leaky distinctions between woman and machine, nature and technology, self and other, life and art under technocapitalism. From media spectacles and internet subcommunities, to cinema and celebrity, Todorov collects cultural artifacts in an online vernacular that harnesses the tension between public personae and private emotions of desire, despair, joy, connection and alienation. At once personal and impersonal, her unique visual language is chaotic and oftentimes abrasive and works to interrogate notions of performativity, accessibility, expectation and failure by using and abusing the ‘contemporary art lexicon’ from an outsider’s perspective. Todorov studied fashion design at RMIT and worked in the industry as a creative consultant before producing three collections under her own label, TODOROV. She has since exhibited at Melbourne galleries West Space, TCB, Discordia, Punk Café and Bossy’s Gallery and her work is held in private collections Australia-wide.

Text by Audrey Schmidt